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Dvd Source Disc Larger Than Destination Disc



Using EMC 7.5, I created a DVD based on photos and music 2 weeks ago. The DVD has 3 folders, one is the video, one has the JPEG photos from video, and the third is a Roxio file. Last week, after creating the DVD, I used DVD Copier to burn approximately 8 copies (individually - I started the copy routine each time, rather than tell it to make 8 copies. The blank DVD-R discs were both FujiFilm brand and generic from Fry's Electronics. All the copies seemed to work fine.


This week, I've again tried to copy the same disc that was the source/master last week. I am using the same system as last week - a Dell PC with an NEC DVD-ROM drive and an external TDK DVD burner connected via firewire. I'm using the same blank media as last week. Once the source disc and destination disc are loaded in the respective drives, I click on Burn. I now get a message that the source is too big for the destination, even though the source DVD-Builder folder (which includes the 3 folders of the video, photo's, and Roxio folder) is only approximately 1 GB. I tried making an Image File, but only got the video file to burn, without the other two files.


I have been unable to overcome this obstacle so I can make more copies of the complete source disk for family members (I'd like them to be able to access and use the photos). I don't understand what I originally did right, or what I'm doing wrong now.


Has anyone encountered this type of problem, and, if so, did they overcome it - and, if so, how?


Thanks for your assistance!

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