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When Verification Error Appears



I have an extensive file of software installers that I've been trying to burn onto a DVD. Everything seems to go along without problem until the verification stage. I've tried it three times and each verification stops with the message that there was a problem at byte # so and so and sector # so and so. And, each time the byte and sector #s are different.


Am I correct that one or more of my software files cause the problem? I'll gladly omit the software culprit(s) if I only knew what they were. Byte and sector #s don't help at all. How do I solve this problem?


Any response and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Are you using good quality media? It could be that you have a batch of defective discs?


I can't think of a reason why you'd get a verification error when burning a software installer file. If you dragged a folder of those files to Toast and happened to open or close that folder in the Finder in the interim that would cause a verification error, but it wouldn't mean anything to the usability of the files on the disc.


A cautious way to proceed is the choose Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn button. Then burn that disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window. I'm confident there won't be any verification errors.

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