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Without knowing what program was used, or how you made the backup, or what your computer specifiations are (particularly the Operating System), it's like phoning the garage and saying "my car rattles" without any clues about what kind of car, where it rattles, or what kind of rattle - I heard of a case where that complaint turned out to be rocks that the owners son had stashed in the glove compartment.


You might have used a backup program; you might have used a Packet-Writing program; you might have used a sessions-based program. You might have backed up to a different Hard Drive partition, you might have backed up to RW media which has faded to blank, you might have backed up to R media. We could be talking about anything ranging from a full Hard-Drive backup without compression (all compression is proprietary, that is, can only be read by what wrote it), to having made a sessions-based layout and burned the layout instead of the files (like keeping the shopping list and tossing out the groceries), to a permissions problem. You might have used a Sonic or Roxio program, or, if you have WinXP, you could've used the WinXP built-in burining.


Without more info, all we can offer is generalities. Depending on the details, it may or may not be possible to get the data back.



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