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Graphics Card choice




I have a HP computer with 2Gb. RAM, E6600 Core 2 Duo and running Vista Home Premium. I record films from satellite with Media Centre and use EMC9 to edit and then burn to DVD.


I have a Radeon X1650 SE graphics card which EMC9 has selected to use for hardware rendering although I have found that it is faster if I use software rendering. Vista has given the lowest score on its performance test of 4.3 for the "3D business and gaming graphics performance", the rest of the system being at 5.3 - 5.6.


The question is would I get better speed and/or result quality if I were to splash out on an ATI 1950 card and indeed would it improve video playback of the recorded DVDs with Cyberlink PowerDVD? I have found that the DVD recorded image quality drops when the action is high and stretching the playback to fit the screen seems to drop the quality a lot more than doing the same thing to the transmitted image, even when there is only an hour of recording so the "fit to disk" is actually at the highest quality.


All that I can find tells me how much better it would be for graphics intensive games, but I don't play games. Nothing ever really says what difference it would make to other things.

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Actually, what does help a lot in speeding things up is very simple. Go to control panel, system and click on Advanced tab.


Go to Visual Effects and select 'adjust for best performance' That gets rid of all the anti-alaising and so on that slows down graphics

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