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Didn't get much response to this when originally posted. Which is good as it shows the problem is not wide spread. I have now found that it must be a problem with my installation - registry value not set, see :




My worry now is that I have other problems lurking due to this bad installation. I have reinstalled but the issue remained. And while not wide spread there are a few other posts which indicate the same type of issue.


Hopefully this will be of help to some.


The subjects of :


VCGproxyfilemanager, proxy folder, poor performance, slugish response, high CPU usage 100%


have been covered in various places in this forum, but without any clear clarification of the problem (if any !). For me they are related and are one of a few 'issues' which I have with an otherwise useful set of 'tools'. The following is my understanding of the issue on my machine.


What does VCGproxyfilemanager do ?


(One function) is to stip the compressed audio out of a video file and save it in an uncompressed (PCM) format, .WAV file.


The files are saved in the 'proxy folder' as defined in the 'options' under the 'tools' menu.


The purpose of this is in preparation for editing and I assume adding other audio tracks to the video file. To do this the uncompressed audio is required.


Its done when the video file is loaded into VideoWave and MyDVD. Its also done when you preview or edit if no 'proxy' file exists for the video. It is the reason for the near 100% CPU utilisation at these times, however under normal conditions this only occurs after file selection and shouldn't take that long (dependant upon length of video plus what other processes are running and PC spec of coarse), 1 to 2 minutes max for large files.


As I said, under normal conditions it takes place for each clip of video and the file is retained in the proxy folder. I have used small AVIs and MPEGs (from 3 sources and at 3 different bit rates) with no problems.


The problem happens with large files, here the clip is extracted and then deleted (along with all other proxy files in the folder). Then (mostly) VCGproxyfilemanager runs again creating the clip and deleting it. Then when you do anything with the file (edit, preview etc) it runs again and again deletes the file. Hence a very sluggish performance with VCGproxyfilemanager using nearly 100% of the CPU in the background.


So what the difference between small and large files. Well that was a little more difficult because it appears to be dependant on clip length and video bit rate (why ?). At approx. 4MBPs a large file is anything over 37 minutes while at 9MBPs its anything over about 15 minutes.


Note that it appears to be additive so if you have lots of small clips and reach the limit it deletes the oldest proxy file.


So is it my setup or Easy Media Creator ? If its EMC then they have got their maths wrong because a single layer DVD can hold approx 2hours and 45minutes of video at 4MBPs !!!


I can understand the rational for a limit - otherwise you're hard disk would fill up with proxy files. However some of us users are cleaver enough to manage our PCs if given the necessary information.


If you have taken the few minutes to read this and use large video files (30 minutes or more) then take another 10 minutes to see what happens on your PC and post it in response to this item. State video type (AVI, MPEG etc), video clip length, video bit rate and whether the proxy file is deleted or not. Note that both length and bit rate can be found via the properties option in EMC if you right click the file before selecting it.


PS anyone from Roxio reading, I'd actually like to be able to disable this feature because sometimes I will not want to edit. I assume it is not really necessary for preview ? Two minutes is a long tme when it only takes me 6 to make a DVD from DVD compliant MPEGs !


PPS the audio is extracted at 22kHz, not 48kHz, so people might complain at the loss of quality - not me however as I dont think the human ear would be able to tell !

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