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Fails to Boot after installation of EMC9



I recently purchased EMC9. Before I installed it, I uninstalled EMC8 and shut down all applications. The installation seemed to go perfectly. When asked to reboot the computer, I answered OK and then everything went south. The PC starts to boot and before it gets to the Windows sign-in screen, it starts to boot again. I tried entering Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configuration but got the same result.


Fortunately, I had excellent backups and was able to recover by deleting the partition, formatting and recovering. That said, I am now paranoid about trying the installation again until I get a better idea of what caused it. I have read several posts in this forum and have come to the conclusion that trying the Clean Install could cause other problems. Some relevant data about my system is:


Abit DuraMax AA8 MB

P4 3.4 GHz CPU


NVIDIA Gefore 6800 Video Card


Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (up to date)

Norton 360


I have used Installer Clean Up Utility and verified that there are no Roxio or Sonic applications listed.


Any ideas?

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If there is any other information that would help let me know.


Look in your event viewer which is located in the control panel under administrative tools.


Pay particular attention to the "Application" section and the "System" section.


Look for warning messages in both areas and fix what is causing the problem(s). If your event log is pretty long, clear the logs and re-boot your machine. Then you have fresh managable data to work with.


Yellow exclaimation points are not critical but red x's are unless they are reporting that DCOM can't register with a server. Kinda depends how your network is set up.


If you have clean event logs, you have minimal problems with your rig.


Tell your computer not to re-boot on an error. Then you can see the error. I explained how to do this once. It is kinda long so if you could search for the post, it is explained there. Search for my user name and you will find it.

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My video driver is version and is dated 10/22/2006.


The system date in BIOS is correct (not sure how this could be wrong since date and time are handled by NTP).


If there is any other information that would help let me know.

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