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dvd8 will not recognise my burner



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When I try to import video the drop down shows my burner.When I click on my burner the page blips and it returns to the import selection. Importing photos works ,importing video will not.


Please post a few more details.


What kind of disc do you have in the drive? Is the drive internal or external? Can you play the DVD with any program on your computer. Is it a commercial disc with perhaps DRM protection? Is it clean? What brand if it is home made. What reader/writer - brand and model? Have you tried any other disc?


Use Windows to remove the reader/writer and reboot; it Windows will re-install it. Have you done anything with the firmware for that device? Roxio gets the information on the burner from the device itself. If that information is not there, Roxio can't do anything with it. Update the firmware. be careful and follow all the directions or you will make a small doorstop.


XP or Vista, WMP 11 and/or IE 7? What video card/chip? Look for malware on your hard drive.


While you are at it, put your computer specs in your signature. Use the My Controls at the top of this forum and then edit signature.

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