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Making my first DVD



I recently purchased Toast 8 and tried to make a DVD from an an DivX file. The finished DVD plays great in the Mac but when I tried to play the same DVD on my home DVD player the video appears corrupt.


The best way I can explain what I see on my TV is that it is there is a black line between each scanned line of the picture. The black lines are about the same width of each scan line so only the top half of the video appears on my TV. The audio is fine. Funny thing is if I hit the ZOOM button on my DVD remote the picture almost appears perfect and the blank lines are removed. Any one know what I am doing wrong?




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I have to admit I dont use many DivX files so I am sort of taking a shot in the dark here. It sounds like there is an interlacing problem of some type though. You might want to check on the original DivX file and see if there is any way to adjust options related to interlacing.

Also, you might want to test with several different DivX files from various sources and if you find one that works, compare the differences in the properties of the files.

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