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On the box of my new Creator 8 (Feb. 12th), it boasts of Mp4 file friendly, however, when I try to create a slideshow and then add the Mp4 audio from my Ipod music list, it doesn't permit it. Can anyone help me?

I'm guessing that you have iTunes from the info you list, and that this audio file is one you purchased. If that's the case, you can't use the file directly because of Digital Rights Management that online music contains that prevent the use of them except in the software and on the pc(s) that are licensed to use them.

The way you get around that to use the audio file, is to first burn it to a disc, using iTunes in your case, then 'ripping' it back to your hard drive as an MP3 or WAV file. Then you can use the new ripped file in your production.

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