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Burning .avi files






I know for burning .avi files you click DVD Video right? The thing is when I do this with DVD as my choice I can only burn like 2 maybe 3 .avi files. There is another program I have that lets me burn about 10 or more of these at one time on a single DVD.


Is there another way to burn .avi's in Toast to get more on one disk?





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If the reason you are burning these to DVD is that you want to watch them using a standard DVD player, then that's the way it goes. The video must be in a format that the player will recognize and that is a less-compressed format than your AVIs.


But you might consider getting a DVD player that plays DivX discs. In that case your AVI files might already be DivX playable and don't need any re-encoding or change in size.

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Hi. I have several High Def .avi files that I downloaded off the internet. I wish to back them up on DVD so that I can free up some hard disk space. I don't need to play them on a DVD player. How can I burn them to disk while also keeping the High Definition?


Thanks for any help!

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