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Toast 7 Audio Cd Issues



Im not sure what i am doing wrong but I have named my disk and named my track but for some reason it dosnt stay when I put the cd into a cd drive and either explore the cd or open it with iTunes. I am using the info button and changing the titles there and then when i burn the dick it just comes up as AUDIOcd for the cd title and then just track 01 for teh track name.


Anyone else having problems?


Also when iTunes lookse up the cd info, its gets some crazy info from their database.

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You aren't doing anything wrong.


Toast writes CD Text info to an audio CD but the Mac OS doesn't read CD Text. The only way to get title and track info to appear in iTunes is to enter it in iTunes or download it from CDDB (if it is a copy of a commercial CD). iTunes writes the title and track info to a CD Info database file in your Mac's preferences folder. It is that database file which is accessed when an audio CD is inserted in your Mac - no track info is read from the CD itself.


There is a script available that makes it easy to transfer the CD Text info written on the CD to iTunes so that iTunes will update its database file. It is called CD Text to CD Info and is available here.

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