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Video Quality



What settings are you guys using when burning your DVDs? I use the BEST setting in MyDVD and burn it as an .iso and then burn the .iso to a DVD with Disc Copier, yet the video quality on my big screen tv is still a little pixelated. Are you guys having the same problem, or do your guy's DVDs look clear?


Another thing, what might the cause be of the video skipping when played on a DVD player? And sometimes also, when I burn, lets say, a serious of pictures I edited in VideoWave and then imported into MyDVD, when played back on a DVD player, some of the pictures do not appear and instead, the screen just goes black for the duration of that picture, while the music is still playing in the background.


Has anyone had these things happen to them as well?

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The notebook graphics system is almost certainly the problem - the fact that it is using shared RAM makes it a prime suspect.


If I were you, I'd add more RAM to the desktop and do the rendering on that instead

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