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Medium Error



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A medium error is reported by the drive when it has problems with the media. Using different media is one option. Another is to update the firmware on your DVD drive so it works with the new higher-speed media. Check with the drive manufacturer about available firmware updates.


You also could try this workaround. Choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu instead of clicking the burn button. When that is finished, choose the disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window to burn your DVD. Also, burn at the slowest available speed and don't use your Mac for other things during the burn.

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Have "ripped" dvd content using Mactheripper and remastered. Am trying to burn to dvd using Toast 6. Keeps telling me that drive has "medium error". What is that and how can I fix it? Using Fuji dvd-r. Is the dvd brand an issue?


Thanks. I tried a different brand disc and it worked fine. Will check into your other suggestions.

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I'm expiriencing the same problem with some very average brand DVD-R's (Sony). I have a Samsung writemaster DVD-burner. In the past (not to long ago) i used Maxell DVD-R's and had no problems burning them at all. They were up up to 4x speed compatible but they are out of stock. All the new media i find in shops however are 8x speed compatible. I seem to run into a problem there because the drive just doesn't recornize these disks.


I tried to find a firmware update for the drive but all the updates i found were for windows systems.


How can i resolve this? Can anyone help me with this?



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