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Toast Screws Up Japanese File Names?



Because I'm having trouble with adding hidden files to a Mac & PC layout (see my previous topic), I'm trying to work around this.


I enabeld 'show legacy formats and settings' in my Toast 7 Titanium preferences so I can choose 'Custom Hybrid' in the 'Formats' list. Then I choose my Mac data: a mounted dmg. Here is the problem: the dmg contains files with japanese names. When I mount the dmg in my MacOS X 10.4.4, it is showing fine (even on my english MacOS X), but when my CD is burned with Toast, the japanese files names are screwed up :)

I managed to get around this just once by creating the dmg on a japanese system (actually I changed my international preferences to japanese so Finder/Toast/etc are in japanese), but copying the disc afterwards with Toast screws up the file names again (even on the japanese system!!). So Toast is obviously *not* cloning the disc like it is...


Is this a know problem somehow? Any workaround?

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You must turn on Joliet name when doing a custom hybrid. You should also turn off Optimize on the fly and make sure your not using long file names.

I'm not using long file names, so that isn't a problem. Joliet was already turned on, so on Windows the japanese file names were showing up fine too. It was the Mac part that was the problem, but turning off the 'optimize on the fly' did the trick. I merely used it to shrink my source image on the fly, since I usually start creating the Mac part by creating a read/write image that is large enough to hold all data (say 500 MB). When I put 380 MB data on it afterwards (to say something) this allowed my to add (for instance) 300 MB of data for the Windows part. I'm not sure if I can do that without the 'optimize on the fly' check; after all 500 + 300 > 700. But that's not a big problem. In fact I didn't even try as I just resized my final dmg with hdiutil and everything worked out fine. So thank you for the hint!

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