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Cannot use CD-R...Why Not?



I am running Windows XP Media Edition that came with Sonic DLA for formatting CDs. It works just fine for CD-RW CDs, but it will not recognize blank CD-Rs. Nor will it allow me to format them or save to them. In addition, CD-RWs that have been burned using this drive are not "open" on other PCs. I have had Dell replace the drive thinking it was broken, but now I think it was the program. I really like the basic Roxio program for formatting CDs that comes free with some PCs (Easy CD Creator, I think). It is on my computer at work. How can I either...1. Get a copy of the free Roxio software (I like it better anyway) or 2. Copy files to a CD-R on the program I've got? I'm not doing anything heavy-duty, just need to save a file (Powerpoint, etc.) to a CD now & then to transport or share. Sometimes you JUST WANT TO SAVE SOMETHING without waiting 45 minutes for the darn thing to format a CD-RW!!! Thanks for your help!

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If you want to KEEP the data, NEVER format the disc. If you use RW media, you will lose the data when it fades to blank (usually months, but can be days or weeks or years). If you format RW media you will lose the data faster than with either Packet-Writing or RW media by itself.


So you are NOT saving your data.


If you want to save your data, use a BLANK blank, directly off the spindle or out of the package, and a Sessions-based program such as WinXP's built-in burning. I'm not sure what the Sonic equivilant is; Roxio's is Classic Creator.


Have a look at this (applies to ALL Versions of ALL Brands):




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