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help! converting videowave movies'....




hope i can get some help!

I have done a 'photo' movie, with motion & transitions. wanted to see what it really looked like on a WMV, rendered it into WMV9 160x120 VBR, the images were so tiny. So I re-rendered it for WMV9 640x480 VBR.

With both instances.......sooooooo lousy!


the images are very blurry, very unprofessional looking. what am i doing wrong?

the final version will be being burned onto DVD for viewing on a huge screen & then on a tv.


the images were too large for 'tv safe', so used Image cropper, 4:3, then it did say in Roxio videowave9 that my images setting was originally for 4:3, then I look again & it's 16:9....what on earth? some of the images were still outside of the safety, so I had to use the 'fill' feature, as I'm running out of time.


One of the things that I did (think is not good) is when Image Cropper converted to the correct size, & were saved as .bmp (as suggested) but, didn't convert them back into .jpg for movie......would this have any

ILL-effect on the movie?

Isn't the WMV supposed to be just as seen on TV basically for clearness ect???? i've done one before in a different program & worked beautifully.



if i can't get this figured out FAST....i'll have to give up on Roxio for this, and be very dissapointed!!

Helppppppppppp please


Cher :huh:

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Boy.... I do slide shows all the time...


You are using VideoWave... OK


Add your pics, transitions, music, and so forth to the timeline or story board without any resizing.


Don't worry about the TV safe zone. That is more for when you are adding text or buttons to your DVD menus. If you stay in the safe zone, you won't have to worry about the possibility of text or buttons getting chopped off at the edges of your TV screen. Not all TV screens show the exact same image size. Thats why the safe zone is there for reference.


If you are out of the safe zone, your TV won't be ruined.


Output your project to whatever.. Don't change any resolutions. I would use an mpg or avi. Windows media player plays mpg's, avi's and a host of other extensions and automatically resizes to fit the screen. Don't do any resolution changes and don't confuse changing resolution to "cropping" which is actually editing the photograph.


Hope this helps..

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