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MyDVD 6 vs 6.2?



I love the original Sonic MyDVD 6.0... I can throw virtually any type of video file at it, and it can handle it... and it always keeps audio and video perfectly in sync unlike some other applications... (the only drawback is the lack of support for MPEGs with AC3 audio stream, for which I use Nero Vision to burn to DVD...)


Anyway, I recently installed the update to 6.2... on the surface, everything looks similar, except for the addition of Tivo support...


However, I tried to create a DVD consisting of several videos, and when I attempted to change the video quality for individual videos, to my dismay I noticed that the total size estimate does not recalculate automatically...


for example, let's say the default DVD quality is set to 'high quality' via the drop-down box in the bottom left hand corner, but now some of the videos are changed to another quality setting e.g. 'standard play' or 'extended play'... in MyDVD 6.2, the size estimate won't change at all, but continues to reflect a phoney compilation size based on a 'HQ' setting for ALL videos...


Version 6.0 always calculated the correct size based on the actual quality settings of each video, so why has this feature been removed in 6.2???


I sometimes like to create DVDs with very large numbers of titles, where the total compilation size will exceed even DVD9 capacity... Sonic MyDVD 6.x can generate oversize DVD compilations without faltering, and it is the best DVD authoring app, in my opinion!! I will write this oversized compilation to a hard drive folder, and then use Nero Recode to whittle this down to DVD size before burning... this is a very powerful pairing - mydvd 6.0 and nero recode... i wouldn't be without either of these apps...


When I'm in the process of putting together a DVD in mydvd, I always like to know the total size of the compilation at all times... is there anyway to get 6.2 to accurately show the compilation size??


Otherwise, I will be forced to go back to 6.0...


Thanks for any help...


(btw, I tried the latest mydvd 9, and found this product to be lacking many features found in 6.0... for instance, I don't believe it is even possible to set the quality of individual videos in v9... and many videos don't import at all, giving an error message "this video can't be imported because it can't be edited" whatever the hell that means... roxio/sonic were on to a good thing in v6.0 I just wish they didn't make the decision to REDUCE the feature set in subsequent releases of mydvd)

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After posting my previous message, I did some further experimenting, and discovered that in version 6.2 of myDVD, it will NOT encode individual videos according to what you specify, but will apply the default project settings across the board e.g. if "high quality" is set as project default, then *all* videos will be encoded in high, regardless!


At least this explains why the compilation size estimate remains unchanged after I try to adjust the quality of individual videos...


All of which is pretty bizarre... if v6.2 has removed support for individual videos having different encoding quality, then why keep this option in the thumbnail right-click menu... this only serves to confuse the user??!


Is there a setting somewhere that can bring 6.2's behaviour back in line with 6.0... I don't mind if I have to delve into the registry or something... thanks for any help...

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