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Toast 8 Clipping VOBs



I am also having trouble with Toast 8 clipping VOBs. I tried using the fix posted below. We recently bought a JVC video camera with a harddrive where you export the video directly to DVDs. The format in which the video is exported does not seem compatible with iMovie. A friend who used Roxio's Easy Media Creator had no problem converting the files to a format we could use. Since we have a MAC, we purchased Toast as it appeared like it would do similar things.


So when we drag the VOB files from the DVD, or copy the files to the desktop and drag the VOB files, we get the same result--only 30-40 seconds of each of the 3 VOB files. We then looked at the discussion board and saw the fix described below:


"You need to use the Media Browser for this rather than drag VOBs to the Toast window. Insert the DVD (or place a VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop) and select DVD with the top button of the media browser. You select the title or chapter level of the DVD using the lower button. Select the titles or chapters you want and click the + button or drag them to the video window with DVD video selected as the format. Toast extracts the muxed MPEG and writes it to the Roxio Converted Items folder."


So we tried going through the Media Browser. But when we select DVD, then select the title of the DVD, nothing appears in the bottom box. The + is grayed out. Any suggestions?!?! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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I don't have one of those cameras so I have a couple questions for you. Are these recorded in what is called VR mode? Or do you have to "finalize" a DVD recorded in the camcorder in order for that DVD to be playable with DVD Player in the Mac? If it is the latter then the problem is the DVD needs to be finalized. This isn't necessary with VR-mode recordings, however.


Maybe none of this relates to your camcorder. It is terminology that applies when I record DVDs with my standalone DVD recorder so I'm guessing the same applies to DVD camcorders.


Did the camcorder come with any software for extracting the MPEG video from the discs on a Mac?


By the way, if you get this sorted out you can use MPEG Streamclip to cut out segments without having to re-encode the video to MPEG4 or DV for editing in iMovie. You'll only need to do the re-encoding if you want to use iMovie's many editing features.

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