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That is not an option on the project menu so there is nothing grayed out. The following is a guess on how it may be done. I have not tried it but I understand it works for DVD..


The original poster may want to try to create a project with the simplest of menus and then create an ISO file. Once the ISO file is completed, go to disc copier and select compilation and just copy the movie (not the menu) to the destination.


I hope that the OP realizes that the quality will be poor and that there is limited time compared to a DVD. Also only a few players will play a VCD. Quality will be better but there will be a shorter time on a SVCD. Again only some players will play them. DVDs are relatively inexpensive and unless there is a need for a large number of copies, the costs are not that important. One sacrifices quality for around 30 cents per copy.



Was that option grayed out or did it not work??
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The fact is... I dont have a DVD recorder and the DVD-changer in my car plays VCDs too. Then, I want to record a VCD without menu, exactly like the software do with DVDs, then I can put it into the DVD changer and I dont have to get the RC to click play or chooser menu itens at all.


I can record it (the VCDs) with anothers DVD recorders softs, but I want to use the Easy Media Creator 8 because it is more powerful and have a lot of setting.

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