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capturing video speed



When I copy a movie directly from my camcorder to my computer using Roxio East media creator 9 the movie is captured at high speed and looks like it is in fast forward when I play the movie after copying it to the computer. What could be causing this and ow do I correct it? Thanks

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We would need some details as to how you are connected to your PC and what specific program you are using to capture with.


Your PC specs might give some insight too.



I am connected directly from my Sony Handycam DCR HC21 to the computer using a USB connection. As far as the program I use to capture with, I am not sure what you are asking. I am using the Easy Media Creator 9 to copy directly from my camera mini DV to the computer so that I can burn the video onto a DVD. The problem is when I copy from the camera to the computer it plays back fast when I preview it.


My computer specs are

Pentium® 4 cpu 2.53 GHz

504 MB of RAM


To view the video I am using Windows Media Player. Even when I burn the video onto a DVD it still plays fast.


Thanks so much. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

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Thanks for getting back with those answers!


The EMC 9 Suite consists of 35 programs. Several of them can capture so it is nice to know which specific program we are dealing with…


However I think the 'problem' is that you are trying to use USB to capture with. You might be able to do so but you will have to use the Capture Software that was included with your camcorder. Sony's site was a little grumpy so I was not able to view the manual for that model…


If that model has an Ilink (Firewire) connection, that should work.


Another alternative would be to capture from the disc in the camcorder. You may have to Finalize it first, but it would be worth trying it as is first.

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According to the Sony Style website, the DCR HC21 is a miniDV camcorder which uses tape. The USB connection is not intended for capturing video from the tape, but rather to connect the camcorder to the computer as a 'webcam' for streaming video. You need to purchase a firewire cable and make sure your computer has a firewire port.


Firewire will give you the best quality from your camcorder.


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