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I recently saw a professionally done photo montage with animated graphics and multiple pictures moving thru, and out of, the animation. Can Roxio do this or anything close?


Animated graphics, no; Photo montage yes.


Open Slide Show Assistant from the Home Application Page or from under the photo tab. When it opens, make sure that it shows three steps. Add photos, and music and then in the second step, select one of the transition options. There is a small preview to show you what they are. In the third step, select and do a final edit (like titles) in Video Wave.


If you have the animated graphics video already, you could substitute that for the background but you would have to play around with the timing.


Alternately, you could start with Video Wave and put that video file on the main timeline. You would then add each image as an individual overlay where you want it.. When you add the overlay image, you can adjust the size on the background, the transparency, the location and how it moves in and out of the background.

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