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EMC9 Freezing



:angry: Hello everyone,This new emc9 really really suck....I though I reslove a issue yesterday with a clean reinstall and I was able to use Music Disc Creator and sample the fade and transition features.Everything was great!Today I try to open the Music Disc Creator and all I see freezing is the Music Disc Creator logo Freezing and other program I really dont uses.The problem with new technlogy is that advance stuff can hold the jockstraps of the simple oldschools software.Company are out doing theirself,everything is $$$$$$$$$$$$.If we keep this up and cant install and burn a simple MUSIC CD their going to be a lot of people unemploy.Talk to me I need a little help.Thanks.....PS I have more than enough 180 gig harddrive space.
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Besides the disk space - what is your CPU, RAM and graphics?


Also, have you any other apps running and did you run a malware sweep?


He must have a ton running at startup. I am a bit lost on the one sentence about the freezing of the other programs he doesn't use. It sounds like they are open and running.

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