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Cannot add .avi files to MyDVD projects



I have searched everywhere for an answer to why I cannot select an .avi (xvid) file in MyDVD 9 when I am trying to add a movie.


The files play fine in every other media player, etc. I just cannot select them in MyDVD to add them to a project. They have the red circle w/ a diagonal line (you know, the "don't" or "no" symbol) for an icon when I try to add them.


I did find a thread that talked about 2 divx codecs having the same file name and one writing over the other, but I don't have that codec file anywhere on my computer, much less twice.


What gives?

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What version of the program are you using?


EMC9 installs the DivX codec along with the programs and, if it's missing, then it won't be able to access any DivX files.


Go through the steps in the thread you looked at - but first, go to my computer, tools, folder options, view and check 'show hidden files and folders'

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I'm using Roxio Creator 9 DE (I assume that stands for Dell Edition)


What does the DivX codec have to do with xvid? I thought they were competing codecs. I have the xvid codec and am trying to add an xvid file.


Again, no luck on finding anything to do with the DivX codec on my computer though. I was already showing hidden files and folders.


Thanks for replying :)

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