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Can't open .disc music file



I created a mix CD several month ago (possibly with Toast 8.0) and now, I can't open it with Toast 8.0.1.


The file contained about 12 music tracks that I crossfaded together to make a dance mix CD. I have been using Roxio products for years and made numerous dance mix CDs with Jam 5 and Jam 6. This is my first dance mix CD with Toast.


In this case, as in the past with Jam, I like to create a dance mix CD, save it as a .disc file and also make a disc image (.Sd2f) that I burn to a CD and carry in the car. I will listen to it many times to see if all of the crossfades are to my liking. If not, I will come back to my .disc file and "tweak" the crossfades until I get it right.


Well, that is exactly what I did in this case, although, I did take a long time (at least two months) to finally get around to "tweaking" my crossfades. However, this time, when I try to launch Toast by double clicking the .disc file, the tracks no longer appear to be there, and Toast opens up automatically to an .mp3 CD even though I origianlly created an audio CD. Please note that I DO NOT get an error message from Toast stating the it can't locate a particular track and give me the option of finding the track myself. I have had that problem before with Jam... read on...


I learned a long time ago, that in order to launch a .disc file and to have Toast (Jam) be able to find all of the tracks, one must leave the original files in the same place. If you move any of the music files, then Toast, naturally, can't find them.


So, when I make an audio CD, I always copy the tracks out of my iTunes Library into a folder I call "Originals." I then tweak all of the tracks in Peak to bring up the gain to the maximum level without clipping. Peak also allows me to cut off parts of the track (long intros, long endings and even parts in the middle I do not want). Finally, I save the audio file as a .AIFF file in another folder I call "Remastered." I leave the tracks in that folder as long as I am working on my project. Once I get all of my crossfades where I want them and I make a disc image with Toast (or Jam), then and ONLY then do I delete the "Remastered" folder.


So, long story short, all of the music files that I used to create this dance mix CD are still in the "Remastered" folder and the folder has not been moved. So what is wrong with Toast? It should be able to open up with the tracks still in there and I should be able to continue working on my CD as if I just started the project yesterday.


I feel that this HAS to be a bug in Toast 8. TSANTEE, have you had any problems along these lines?






Oops! I just saw the pinned note about not being able to open Toast 8.0 projects in Toast 8.0.1. I feel so stupid now. I thought I read all of the recent posts before creating a new one. Sorry!


I will download the applet to see if that fixes the problem.


Keep your fingers crossed!

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