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Rewriting CDs



Hi guys.

I have Roxio toast 8 and RW CDs. I write on them once.. and then it says that i cannot write over it again.. even tho its rewriteable...

How do i do this? Must i change something?


thanks lots!

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There are two things I'll describe. One is writing multiple sessions to a disc and the other is rewriting to a disc.


Toast's default is to close a CD after writing one session. If you want to write multiple session to keep adding files to a disc until it is nearly full you need to change the default setting in the Advanced tab of the Recorder Settings window from Write Disc to Write Session.


To rewrite to a CD-RW disc you must first erase the disc. That command is in the Recorder menu. After the disc is erased it must be ejected and reinserted in order to be recognized as being recordable.

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