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Importing multi Vobs errors Toast 6



Hello, new here. I'm trying to make a video using multiple Vobs and Toast Ti 6.1.1. In the vdeo mode I can drag three separate Vobs into the menu/edit window. When I begin to make an Image Disc, Toast will demux the first two Vobs and half way into the third Vob I receive error -18774 "couldn't complete the last command because there is a problem with the source material". However, every time I process a single Vob, the image disc is completed.

Any body????


beefer <_<

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So you're saying that Toast doesn't give the error on that VOB if you are selecting only that one? Usually that error means exactly what it says: there is a problem with the source material. This can be dropped frames or some other glitch in the file so Toast cannot proceed with the demultiplexing and multiplexing of the video and audio. I haven't encountered a situation where Toast gives that error only when other videos are present.


Something you might try is using MPEG Streamclip to "Convert to MPEG" the VOBs and add that MPEG to Toast. While in Streamclip choose Fix Timecode Breaks to see if that may be a reason for the problem Toast is having.

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