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Quick Format Won't Work



My hard drive recently crashed and I had to reinstall Easy Media Creator 9. In the past, it is my recollection that if I put a new CD-RW in my drive, and then clicked format, I could either select Quick Format or Full Format. I always picked Quick Format.


Now, after the reinstall, on a new CD-RW Quick Format is always greyed out. After I have done a full format (30 minutes), then Quick Format is an option. But that kind of defeats the purpose of Quick Format and quickly using a new CD-RW.


Can anyone enlighten me? Am I wrong in my recollection? Is Quick Format NEVER an option on a brand new CD-RW? I think it should be and, if so, does anyone know why this feature might not be working?





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Why do you want to format the CD RW? If you use Creator Classic, or Music disc creator, or any of the EMC 9 apps except possibly drag to disc, they require an unformatted disc straight out of the box.


I advise not to use drag to disc. Packet writing is unreliable (the CDs often stop being readable after a while) and use of drag to disc is not recommended, unless perhaps for quick transfer of a file from one PC to another.

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I have run into the same thing with D2D V9 and have never been able to resolve it…


Actually, if you have a legitimate use for D2D (rare in this day and age) Full Format is one step in the right direction to prevent data lose.


I have a posting, here, offering some of the things I have found with D2D.

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