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copy & past to label creator



Can anyone tell me if there is a way to copy and past text to roxio lable creator(EMC9). I'm trying to make a short synopsis of the move on the dvd case and am trying to avoid all that typing. cut and past do'es not seem to work and allso will EMC9 have a templet for a dvd video trim case (verbatim) thay are smaller than the regular ones. thanks . :)

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Click Add Text. This creates a text box (which you can move later) to the side of the case outline, with the words New text in it. Click on the box, highlight the words new text right click and paste whatever text you've previously copied to your clipboard. Resize the box, set font and size as you wish and position thee box where you want.


I don't think there are any templates other than for standard size Video cases.


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