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I like to squeeze as much material as I can on my DVD-Rs. Which is what I did on the last DVD-R that I transfered data to. But I always make backup DVDs of everything, and when downloading the SAME data to a second DVD I decided to remove some material from the file first. Surprise of surprises, the file suddenly was too large for the DVD-R. So I removed some more material from the file. The file GOT LARGER STILL. What's the deal here? When you subtract from a file, shouldn't it get smaller?

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This all depends on what the file is, and what application is making or maintaining the file, and whether the data have been "shaken down" to remove slack space before the file was saved.


If your file has no spaces in it, then removing material should make it smaller. However if it is a database or some sort of array then removing part of a record could actually be creating a new record and the resultant file would be bigger.


Knowing what your file was, or what made it might allow a better guess as to why this happened.

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