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No Audio_ts Created On Dvd




Thought I would post this again to see if more information helps .


I am using dual USB HD TV tuner with DNTV Live! to record digital television broadcasts. The file is saved in MPEG2 PS format. I then use Video ReDo Plus to edit the MPEG, cut out advertisements etc (great video editor really fast) and then save the finished file as an MPEG.


I am then using MyDVD 8 to burn +RW DVD's for playing on my Sony DVD player. (which seems to only like +RW DVD's).. The burn appears to work OK


This worked fine under EMC7.5 but only produced 4:3 images (limitation of EMC7.5) .. I specificly bought the full price download of EMC8 as soon as it was available because it supported 16:9. EMC Version 801B16A ENU


Now .. having de-installed 7.5 and then installed EMC 8 I find that the DVD +RW's no longer play on my Sony DVD player.


When I view the finished DVD on my system it has a VIDEO_TS and a ROXIOPLASMA folder but does not have the AUDIO_TS folder that commercial DVD's usually have. I sus[ect this is why my DVD player does not like the DVD any more.


Having read many of the articles in the forums I am wondering if perhaps I should have run the roxizap prior to installing EMC8?...(I have also had Nero and ULead on this system in the past)

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Just for the record...


Found out that the microcode on both of my DVD burners (newly purchased) was WAY out of date..

Upgraded both burners microcode and lo things started working again ..


Discovered also that my SONY DVD player had trouble with DVD read so replaced that with new Marantz which accepts all disc types and works just fine..


Thanks and keep up the good work ///

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The audio_ts folder is NOT USED for video discs. That folder is used for the 'audio DVD' standard. There are a few of those on the market where the album is remastered in 5.1 surround sound. This is NOT the same thing as what Music DVD Assistant does. MDA just creates a video DVD using still images with 2 channel Dolby AC3.


If the the disc doesn't play, it could be damaged or the burn wasn't successful. Try a different disc if possible.

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Thanks for that .. I have tried many (many) +RW discs on both DVD burners and get the same result every time .. No AUDIO_TS created and dics wont play on my Sony machine.


All the DVD's I created using EMC7.5 have two folders on them VIDEO_TS (which contains the vobs, ifos etc) and an AUDIO_TS (has no content) .. when I look at the commercial DVD's that I have they also have an AUDIO_TS (most of the time also empty)


Maybe I am heading down the wrong path but it was the only obvious difference between the 7.5 DVD's and the V8 creation that I could see ..


I am not sure what your reference to MDA is as I am not using this tool . I am using MyDVD 8 to create these.


One other question .. Do you know if I can re-install 7.5 and run it on the same machine as EMC 8?



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