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Bad Video Quality





Why is it that when I select MP4 (Basic) at 7000kbps the quality is terrible?


It is blotchy and unviewable.. .also when you pick TV out on Popcorn 2 it looks terrible as well (for iPod Format)

Not to mention that any encoding for the iPod H.264 setting (High Quality) looks the same why is this?



I am using DVD format and converting them with those presets and settings in Roxio Popcorn 2


EDIT: I did want to mention, that Roxio Popcorn 2 is Amazing with DVD copying. Also Popcorn 2 makes GREAT digital movies (QuickTime format) from DVDs in H.264 if you use multipass but it take 7 times as long to encode that movie... (looks better than handbrake even at 2-pass but Handbrake is faster) Personally time is nothing compared to quality. So I use multipass at 3000kpbs H.264.. However I am still curious on why H.264 DVD conversions look better through QuickTime than through Roxio at single pass.

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