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Dvd Builder - Output File Format





I build a video/and photo DVD with an introduction and several menus and chapters with EMC 7.5 DVD Builder. I would like to put part of the production on my webpage (at least the introduction and different menus). I know I can use the output in videowave to get files in .wmv format ( I have done this in the past and put productions on my webpage). How can I achieve this in DVD Builder, since I can not rebuild the menus in videowave!

Thank you for any advise


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Thanks for the answers!


If I use a DVD Rip program, it will only copy the videos, but not the introduction and the menus to my hard disc.


I don't want to put the entire DVD on my webpage, but the introduction and menus and submenus, to show how it works (I run a business transferring images and videos to custom designed DVDs, www.shareyourlife.biz). I have seen some companies in the U.S.A. doing this and you are able to click on the menus and submenus to start a videoclip on their webpage!


If I reconstruct the menus, that doesn't mean they are functioning on my webpage.


Thanks for any advise.

Kind Regards


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If you mean getting a part or all of the video from your DVD builder / DVD disk itself to render into an individual video file that you can post up on your webpage, here are a few tips that I would suggest:


1.) You can try to copy (right-click, copy) each clip on DVD builder, and then paste it into VideoWave (as when I tried it, you can move clips like that, and all of the editing adjustments done to the clip will not change), or

2.) You can burn a DVD, and then use a DVD Rip Program to copy the DVD into a file on your hard disk, and then you get a flexible file on your computer that you can do with what you will...


I hope I helped you :) If not, specify exactly what you need so somebody can be of assistance!

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Guest mlpasley

I think you're going to have to simulate the DVD on your website.


All the backgrounds are in the Roxio subfolders, so you'll have to hunt around to find the background that you've used on your DVD. Then you'll have to find out what font is used (right click and choose to change the font) and reconstruct that on the website.


In other words, I don't think there is an easy way to do what you want. You cannot just put the entire DVD as it is onto the website.

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