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Lawrence Brandon

XP PRO x64 SP 2

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After I ran Myrsoft update for XP Pro x 64 a media manager turned up in my system tray replacing all my othere icons except Avast antiviruse program. The local cofputer tec says that this program appears to be part of Roxio Easy Media Creators 9. If this is true how do I get my other system tray icons back :(

Thanks Lawrence

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Media Manager is part of Roxio.I doubt that it's the reason you lost your icons,I'd suspect Windows Update as a more likely culprit.

You can disable it by going to Start,Run and typing msconfig.Once it opens go to the startup tab and uncheck

RoxWatchTray9.Reboot and then see what happens.

If you don't get your icons back then I'd suspect something else.

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