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Constant shake people notice only when I mention it



Hi Everybody,

Thanks in advance for your patience. I've used EMC 8 on my pc's with no problem. I've been using my laptop mostly lately, and had to make some graduation videos. Now that I have no time left, and had a heck of a time burning them, (burning error problems), I noticed that every image moves a mm to the left, then to the right. But, my husband and kids didn't notice it till I brought it up. Then, it's very annoying to watch. Because I know I didn't produce a quality video. It happens through the whole video , on both my laptop, and the TV. Is it the laptop? Or is there some simple setting I'm missing? I'm using a Toshiba T5500, 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM.

I'm going to go cry now, because I know if I want them done right, I'm going to have to start over on my old PC. Thanks, Kris

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The laptop’s 1.6ghz is a little slow but that should not be a problem. Laptops do not have the best video cards for this sort of work and that may be the problem…


I suggest you set MyDVD for Software Rendering and see if that improves it. It is good to have a DVD RW disc or two on hand for experimenting. Under Tools – Options you will see a checkbox for setting the program to Software Rendering.


Give this a try and let us know if there is any improvement.

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Thanks so much! I changed the setting to "software", and the hiccup dissappeared, but, of course, so did my really nice 3D transitions. Well, I guess if I want everything, I'll have to spend some money. But, for now, I really appreciate it. Thanks. It's funny, one of the women I did a video for, just called raving about it. Of course, she didn't say a thing about the shake. She probably didn't notice. I have to give her one without the shake though. It would really bother me if I didn't. Thanks again. Kris

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