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Toast can't burn at 1X?



I'm using Toast 8, and I want to burn an audio CD at 1X (because this will be a master CD, and they should always be burned at 1x).


I select 1x from the menu that appears just before burning. But when the disc burns, it burns at 6x. I can verify this by the time it takes (about 11 minutes) as opposed to the 70 minutes I expect it to take.


So this appears to be a bug, just wondering if anyone else can verify it? They really need to fix it, as I often need to make a redbook master CD.


FWIW, Toast 6 appeared to have burned 1x just fine, and this is the same computer, so I know this drive can burn at 1x.


Roxio, can you confirm this?




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It is the media that tells the drive that tells Toast what burn speeds are supported.I don't think there is any CD media that allows 1X burning any more. Most start at 8X. You might contact Meritline and ask what media they recommend for audio CDs.

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OK, first of all, media specifies the MAXIMUM write speed, not the 'only' write speed. So a 4x disc won't write at 8x, sure. But ANY media should be able to write a 1x.


Also, sorry, but any drive can write at 1x. This is not a hardware thing. I simply don't believe you that any drive would disable 1x.


And anyway, if you'd read the post, you'd know that I'm using the same drive I've been using with Toast 6, and that drive COULD write at 1x. It's definitely something in Toast 8 is causing this.

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Media and drive decide the burn speed. Most new drives will not burn at 1x and this is a drive limitation. The firmware simply can not support all the possible writes speeds. It's not clear what drive you have, but if you say that is can burn 1x and has in the past, then it's the media. Media also has speed limitations.


The drive decides what speeds it can burn to the media, not Toast.

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