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multiple burners



I have a G4 mac running OS9 and have Toast Titanium 5 burning software. I run a recording studio and when a client wants a CD copy of their music to take with them, I drag the .wav files into Toast to burn.


That all works great, but many times I need more than one copy to send with them and they don't like waiting on one disc at a time to burn, so I purchased an external firewire box with 3 Pioneer 112 burners. I can select any one of the burners and make a copy... no problem, but I need to be able to select all three burners at the same time and burn to all three at the same time.


I have looked for a multiple writer selection on Toast 5, but can't find it. It will only allow me to select one writer at at time. Do the newer versions have it, or am I just overlooking the option in this version?? If I need to upgrade my software, which one do I need to get?? THANKS!!!

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I don't know if this works with Toast 5 and OS 9, but Toast 6, 7 and 8 can burn to multiple drives by duplicating the application, opening the multiple applications and assigning one DVD burner to each copy of Toast.


As for choosing a new version of Toast it depends on what version of OS X you are running in order to meet minimum system requirements.

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THANKS for the reply!!! That did work!! But it would still be nice if I could do it without starting 3 copies of toast, dragging and dropping all the songs 3 times, re-arranging the order of songs 3 times, selecting record speed 3 times, telling it to burn 3 times, etc, etc, etc....


I have found lots of software that will automatically burn to all three drives... if I were using a PC, but I have not found it for Mac. Anyone know of software for G4 running OS9 that will write to multiple drives at the same time???



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