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Get Your Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 For Dummies

The Highlander

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Sick of asking questions? want to learn more on the product?

well here it is...


Click here and get you own copy to help you do all the things you wanted and more.....


This was not an advertisement, just made to sound that way... really this would be a good book for those that are new to the product or want to learn how to use all the cool functions that it can do and has....

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That's great to know... Does anyone know if there is a CD or DVD that can give a virtual tour or tutorial? Just trying to find the easiest option to learn this program and save some time... I'm going to pick up a copy of this today. Thanks!

Hi asandull, I am unsure if there is at this stage, but there should be lots of new published items coming though over the next few months, also go and have a look at a posting by Patrick from Roxio under EMC 8 - General Discussion, as there is a very good EMC8 Manual there, with good graphics and easy to read explanations and directions...

As to the question on DVD or Cd's, I'm sure if and when someone here See's them around on sites, they will get posted here under General info.

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Did you see this? This is on top of the General Discussion Page.


We have made a PDF version of our Easy Media Creator 8 manual available for download free of charge.


You may download the user manual by using the following link, for the best performance you should right click on the link below and choose "Save Target As". This will allow you to save the manual to your computer so you may access it at a later time.




In order to view the manual you will need to have Adobe Reader (also known as Adobe Acrobat Reader) installed. If you are having problems viewing, please visit the following link and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.




I cannot get the link to work can you help please?

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