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Aloha folks. I just updated my ATI driver to 7.4 I currently am using a Sapphire 256 DDR 2 ATI graphics card. However, I do not see the DAO in my control panel when I go to the Add and Remove Programs. Is this a vital part that I need? So far everything has been working ok except for some slight graphic issues such as when I'm using ROXIO and go to resize or move the screen the mouse becomes all pixelated.


So, how can I tell if I have DAO installed and is it vital to running ROXIO?

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Go here and read. (http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/common/mmc9-16.html) I think DOA software is for MCE OS.


Your Sapphire 256meg DDR2 ATI, dosen't tell what the card is!


The slight graphic issues. Open videowave, tools, options, look for a video graphics test, render using hardware or software. It should tell you where to run the software.



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