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Glitchy dvd play



I am trying to burn my Final Cut Pro 90-minute movie. I export to Quicktime, then burn using Toast 6 Lite that came packaged with an external Sony DVD burner (DRX-830UL-T) -- because my iMac DVD drive died.


My results are frustratingly uneven: I've burned a dozen discs. On two, the results are pretty good. The vast majority are riddled with halts, hiccups and ugly pixellation.


By the way, I have shut down all other applications and done nothing else on my computer while burning.


Can anyone help me burn good copies consistently?


My thanks in advance.

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Did you use Toast Lite 6.1? I think that is the latest version and it is compatible with Quicktime 7.x which was not the case with earlier versions. Alternatively if you have iDVD 5 or 6 you can use it to Save as Disc Image and use Toast to burn that image file to DVD. There also is a freeware called Patchburn that should let you burn directly from iDVD to an external DVD drive.

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