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CD spin doctor V 4 extremly sluggish




This version (4) of CDSD is extremly sluggish.


I seem to have to choices


1) Select "Limit zoom range to improve performance"

which makes it impossibkle to work because the resolution when trying to adjust

start and stop times far to small or


2) Don't select like above and the system becomes so sluggish that it's

impossible to work since respons time (for everything in CDSP) becomes 5-8 seconds

even if I only increase zoom a little bit.


This seems rather strange, my computer is not the fastest but nor is it a slow one...


Has someone else solved this? Is the only solution to downgrade to Toast 7? Or at least CDSD 7.


OS X 10.4.9, Power Mac G5, 2*2.5GHz, 1,5 GB Ram

CD Spin Doctor

Toast 8.0.1

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Sorry I was overoptimistic :-)

It got a bit better but responstimes are still far to long even with modest magnification (i.e. less than half the bar between - and +)

Something is amiss. I don't see any performance problem at maximum zoom except when scrolling beyond the end of the window. In that case I just have to reduce the zoom so there isn't the need to scroll off the visible window. I'm using a 2.1 Ghz G5 iMac.


Maybe you should trash the Spin Doctor application and reinstall. Do you have any external audio input devices connected? If so, try disconnecting those.

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