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Write Speed Problems



Hello, everyone, I'm new in here, sorry if this question was answered before But i couldn´t find it. So my problem is when I use Blank Philips DVD+R 16X Discs (4,7GB), I can only burn them with a write-speed of 4x. My drive is a LG-H22L 16X MAX with a 1.02 Firmware (latest (?)), I have here MEMOREX DVDs, and I have no problem with them, I burn all with a write-speed of 16x. Can anyone say to me, what do I have to do?


Thanks in advance

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Check for a firmware update for your drive - it sounds as if it's not recognising the Philips media as 16x rate.


It's the drive that reports to the program the media, speed, etc and obtains that from a small info track on the DVD itself. If it doesn't know what it is, then it defaults to a lower speed

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I'm afraid that's what happens - as the recognition is done by the drive itself reading the media, the firmware needs to be able to recognise it - if it can't then it won't work properly.


Also, unfortunately, LG drives are notoriously difficult when it comes to firmware updates (even finding them is well-nigh impossible).


From here


"...Not all of the review recording devices where capable of supporting the Philips 16x DVD+R media at its rated maximum speed of 16x. The Pioneer 109 XL under firmware 1.58 only offered a max 12x recording strategy whilst the LG 4166B under firmware 1.02 only supported this media under a default 4x writing strategy. I always hope to see a brand of media fully supported by all review recording devices and this was not the case here...."

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