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TiVo files



I download my Copy & Convert program the first part of May and have converted and created some DVDs from TiVo files I have uploaded to my computer. This weekend I tried to convert a new TiVo file I uploaded to my computer and was not able to even see it in Copy & Convert. What has happened and how do I fix this problem?

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Can you still convert other TiVo files, or are even files you've been able to convert in the past now invisible to your Copy & Convert?


I cannot see any TiVo files that really exist on my PC. The only thing I have tried so far is to remove "Copy & Convert" using "Add & remove programs", then going to my order and down loading the product again. The download went fine. I did not purchase the re-download function the Roxio talks about. One more thing is that when I go to the "Burn DVD", not sure that is its name, option the file extensions that show up does not include the .TiVo any more.

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I cannot see any TiVo files that really exist on my PC.


Firstly, if you have downloaded C&C successfully, preserve the download by burning it to disc. Downloads cost the company money, so they're not likely to let you download it repeatedly without charging you for the download.


Now, if you have been able to convert .tivo files with C&C previously but you can't now, what have you changed on your system? I see that "Tivo Desktop 2.3 or higher" (whatever that is) is required on your system to deal with these files.


Do you still have that running in your system? Since .tivo is a plain MPEG2 video with a copyright protection wrapper it would seem that you're going to need that, and won't be able to view .tivo files without it.


This is looking more like a .tivo problem than a problem with Disc Copier 9 (the part of C&C that you're using), and you've exhausted my knowledge on tivo I'm afraid. I don't have a tivo box myself and I'm not prepared to copy and paste what others have said to try and appear knowledgeable - that seems dishonest.


Unless someone else reading this forum can help you, it might pay you to go to the 'My TV Togo' forum and ask there. Your problem is probably best described as "Disc Copier has stopped seeing .tivo files"


I hope this helps,


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