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Adding A Vide Clip To Production ?



I am trying to add a video clip that I have downloaded from a dvd to my production. I have my production pulled up in videowave 8. When I click on add video, the downloaded clip is listed as videoTS and it will not let me add it to my production is it because of copywrite laws?

And also I have a 53 minute uncut video from my digital 8 sony camera that I am trying to edit and I want to add text that fades in for about 20 seconds and then fades out at particular spots , I cant figure out how to make it fade out once it fades in.

Can anybody help!

I am pretty much computer illiterate!!!

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Files inside the video_ts folder should be .IFO and .VOB. Neither of these are recognized by Videowave. Technically, you can rename the extension of the .vob to .mpg, but this doesn't always work for everyone.


If the disc is not encrypted, you can use Media Import to save the video to your hard drive as a standard MPEG 2 file.


For text motion:

Click on text and then click on the little red ball shows a list. You control the length of the text by adjust it on the timeline.


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