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12 pop ups at start up following update



Hi there,


First off - apologies if I am duplicting an existing post. I have seen:


(I'll try and be more friendly!)


...and have searched the forum, but the search iether found nothing, or isn't working as it should.


I recently updated EMC9 - via the 'check for updates' option and downloaded

BackUpMyPc.exe (version


I am running Windows Vista Home Premium edition.


Everytime I start my PC and log in (either me as an Admin or the missus as a User) we both get a series of duplicate pop up dialogue boxes informing us that:


Resource Loader: LoadImage Method

Skin Image "pop up menu_navbar.png" is not found


This happens every time and I have to click through a dozen of these to get rid of them.


Can I get this image from somewhere and put it in the right place, or find a a way to disable the error message? Is it important?


Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.



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