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Error 1721



I have upgraded to vista and when I load emc9 i get a fatal error message 1721 the only thing that seems not to work is the photo element it asks for the disk to be inserted but then says files not found. Can any one help > I have loaded cleaned reloaded but still same error.

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1721 is a Windows Installer error - if you go to Windows Updates that should install the latest version which is what you need


From a post by Highlander



2. update the MS installer version to the latest from Microsofts online update.

3. if you have antivirus installed of any version stop the realtime protect side or stop the antivirus service just for the install.

4. if the install will not run now then use a free registry cleaner and delete the install folder under program files.

5. if then it still dosent install , copy the 2x cd's to seporate folders on your harddrive and run from there...."

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