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My DVD stops working while encoding



I'm having a problem with proxy manager and Video Wave When I am using MyDVD and large video files, 1.5 Gig or more, the program stops working while encoding with the errors proxy manager has stopped working and Video Wave has stopped working. I can burn DVDs as long as I don't attempt to encode large files, complex slideshows or a full DVD 3 gig or more. I am running Windows Vista. I also noticed that windows media player audio with movies (MPEG 2 and JVC's .MOD) stopped working after I installed the Roxio Creator 9 suite. Any ideas Roxio Software Gurus.

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When you are encoding video, you have to forget completely aboput file size in terms of bytes and think instead of time - basically, a standard DVD will hols one hour of rendered movie (and in avi terms, that's usually about 500 MB) so it's possible that your files are just too big to be handled.


Additionally, the best way is nopt to encode and burn directly to DVD, but to encode and output to a .iso image dile on the hard drive - that can be opened with Disc Copier and that will do the burn as a separate process.


When rendering btw, shut down ALL running apps, including messengers and so on - it's a very intensive process and it takes every resource your PC has to offer (and probably would be happier with more). Start the render and go eat dinner, watch TV or something and let it do its thing.

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