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Please insert an appendable data disc error ?



Using Roxio Creator 8 Suite, in the Data Disc mode, dragged 3 folders to copy. Hit Load Disk I load the disk and after a few seconds it pops back out with error message "Please insert an appendable data disc and try again". I am using new CD's what is causing this?

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I suggest that the best approach for making a data disc is to use Creator Classic program in EMC 8. Just continue to burn the disc after you have dragged your files into the bottom box. Make sure you have selected a blank disc that is large enough to cover the total amount of files you are adding. (Small option box near the bottom of the screen where you can choose the type of disc you are using).


After burning that data disc, if you want to add additional files or folders to it later, make sure in the burn options that you remove the check mark in the "Read Only" box. Then that will enable you to make an "appendable" or multi-session disc. When you place the first burned disc in the drive to add more files, the program will automatically recognize and add the previous files to the session. Then just continue to add more files the way you did on the first burn. Now just do a second burn.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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