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Repairing/changing EMC9 install



Nothing unusual -- Creative's been doing it for years -- Roxio bundles their downloadable installation files into one large .exe file. [An ISO might be handier, but if you're installing EMC9 for example, Roxio can't assume you have ISO burning software now can they :P ]


The downside of one large executable installation file however, is that you no longer have the options of repairing or changing your installation from Add & Remove Programs in Control Panel. The installation routine expands that one large .exe file into the necessary files and folders inside your Temporary folder, completes the install, then deletes the install files to clean up it after itself. Because these files are deleted, when you go to repair or change your Roxio installed software, Add & Remove Programs can't find what it needs to do the job.


The solution is to wait until the setup routine expands all the individual files and folders, and then copy those files elsewhere before you continue the install -- wait until the steps where you tell setup what language, where to install etc, and perform the copy while setup is waiting for your input. Your temporary folder in XP should be X [drive letter]:\Documents and Settings\Name [logged on user name]\Local Settings\Temp


The folder name with your install files can vary & most often won't be called something that makes sense, so have to explore whatever folders are in the temp folder until you find the right one... you have been cleaning out your temp folder on a regular basis, right? :o


Once you find the expanded install folder you can copy it to another place on your hard drive, and later rename it if you want and burn it to disc to save hard drive space. Now when/if you want to change the programs installed as part of EMC9 for example, or repair the installed software, just follow normal routine in Add & Remove Programs... It will ask you at some point where to find the installation files, and then you just have to point it to your saved folder.


This also works for things like the separate content installation that comes with EMC9 Dlx Suite... I copied that install folder too, & burned to a DVD along with the programs install folder & the original downloaded files. Don't know if I've ever need it, but if for example I find one of the content files has gotten altered or screwed up, figure it'll be quicker to replace the file than go through the complete installation routine, or drill down through all the files & folders in a backup to find it.

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Or alternately, use an extraction program, like Winzip or Winrar, to extract the downloaded .exe installer to a folder of your choosing. Something like EMC9 Program and EMC9 Content for example. Then point the repair to there. Or you can even install from there by running the setup.exe initially, then repair will know where they are. You could even burn those to a dvd data disc.

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