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Major flaw - No auto copy to device!


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I have been using the trial version of MyTV ToGo 3.1 and it has one fatal flaw that will cause me not to make the full purchase.


The program converts the new shows automatically - but doesn't automatically copy them to the device!! And has no way to auto delete old shows from the device each time they sync either.


This defeats the whole purpose, for me at least, because every night I Tivo the Daily Show, Colbert Report, Nightly News, etc. The Tivo process automatically copies them down, then MyTV ToGo automatically converts them for my Pocket PC, but doesn't go any further. In the registered version this would end up being at least 150 MB of videos that I have to wait to copy over to my USB 1.1 connection to the Pocket PC.


Typically when I get out of bed in the morning I would expect the new programs to automatically be copied over to the Pocket PC, but no, that's not how this software works. I have to click a button for it to copy the programs, what a waste of time.


Such a shame that the only software available for this purpose isn't even fully functional. Won't be getting my money.

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First off can I say a big 'thank you' to Kimmtg for providing assistance to many questions posted on here.


Unfortunately the previous poster is correct - this software (I'm on version 3.1) DOES NOT automatically copy to your memory card (or sync to your device). What it does do - even if you have ReadySync enabled - is convert your MediaCentre recording into a wmv file ready for your Pocket PC.


You have to MANUALLY sit there and copy the converted file to your memory card. It blatently does not work in the way that is advertised (which is a shame). The good news that a 2-hour show takes under 10mins to copy across on the "Better" setting.


So you can make & drink a cup of tea (or coffee if you are American!) while it does its stuff.


Also, the software grabs hold of the converted file and the only way to delete it is to kill off the ReadySync.exe process that's running under FileManager.


The product works in a VERY clunky way but is useable. It doesn't do everything its advertised to and is probably twice as expensive as it ought to be - $15 for this software (MCE plug-in) is a fairer price.


Has all development now ceased for this product?

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Very odd. I convert with ReadySync to my mobile phone (over ActiveSync connection) and it does convert and copy automatically. New shows are waiting for me each morning with no interaction on my part. I'm using a slightly older version 3.0 of MyTV ToGo so it's possible this is broken in the latest version.

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