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Rendering Issue



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Update your video drivers and Directx.


Also look at those images to see if there is something different with them. Sometimes this program is frustrating in that, for some unknown reason, it won't show particular images. If you know which ones they are, double click on it and do anything in Photo Suite with that image. -- just click auto-fix and then canceling should be enough. Are you seeing the images as black in the Video Wave preview?


Also try rendering in software mode if you are not using 3D transitions. Go to the top menu, click tools, options and then select software. If you are using 3D transitions, make sure you have all other programs on your computer shut down. Rendering and encoding takes lots of CPU power so the less other work the computer has to do, the better.


Also make sure your anti-virus is not checking on everything you are doing. In many cases, that internal check causes the computer to slow down.

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I put a movie together and rendered it to a MPEG2 file. Out of some 180 slides about 8 of them rendered BLACK. Any ideas what may be happening? <_<


I ran into this problem yesterday. What I found was that if I changed the quality of my movie to "High Quality" a number of my images were rendered as a black screen. When I put the quality back to "Fit to Disc" all of the images were displayed properly.


I hope that helps.

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